November 8, 2016 : the opportunity we were looking for to pursue a new direction.

On November 8 of 2016 was held the first IMEX staff meeting, which brought together for the first time the main actors of our company with the purpose to define new projects and new products that could become a reference point in the current economic panorama, that is going through a phase of uncertainty.

This meeting was also the occasion to communicate the generational shift that involved the management of  the company, with the aim to outline, together, the direction that a solid, well capitalized and dynamic company such as ours will need to take in the future.

Therefore there has been a global participation and the demonstration of incredible proactivity and energy, which have turned into team spirit and collaboration. And the appreciation that everyone has shown for new website is nothing but a demonstration of how close and cohesive the work team is, and how it is immensely satisfying to be able to rely on a work group like ours.
So, this is also a good opportunity to thank all those who participated, and all those who, through their commitment and their unconditional dedication, make it so enjoyable and satisfying to work here. Every day.