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Open frames, the essentiality of the frame

The evolution of the frame The history of the frame has seen significant evolution over [...]

Industriamoci Award – A great victory for the area

Confagricoltura Bergamo, Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo, Police Headquarters, Accademia Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri and Vigili del [...]

The use of pattern in the world of framing

In the vast and creative panorama of art and design, frames play a crucial role [...]

Frame mouldings for shadow box fames

Shadow box frames differ from other types because they are created to frame canvases and [...]

Wood, the sustainable material par excellence

In a world increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our daily choices, wood emerges [...]

Color, a fundamental element in our homes, and in our lives

In the vast panorama of design and home furnishings, colors play a leading role, shaping [...]

Frame mouldings in lime wood

The intense scent of the lime tree in the evening is an ecstatic rapture that [...]

PMI Day 2023, Imex welcomes kids and celebrates freedom

Like every year, the PMI Day organized by Confindustria Bergamo in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese [...]

Imex at LegnoLive! with the young people of the territory

The 24th of November, more than 200 students from the Professional Training Center of the [...]

Pine wood frame mouldings

Here is the forest of ancient times. The whispering pines and the great firs [...]

Oak frame mouldings

“In every little imperfection the experience of a tree, its history, its charm” A.S. Wood [...]

A reality linked to the territory

Where does our interest in protecting the environment and our territory come from? From the [...]

ISI-Inail 2021 call for the safety of our work spaces

We recently participated in a tender announced by Inail for the removal of asbestos from [...]

Frame mouldings in Ayous wood

Who worked in the sector for years knows it: working with wood means not only [...]

A new moulder for our framing rods

We are specialized in the production of frame mouldings and other wood products; we offer high [...]

Skill Mismatch and Talent Retention: comparing young generations and companies

In recent years, companies and young people have been facing a crucial problem: the skill [...]

5 reasons why FSC® certification is important

The FSC® certification is a specific international recognition for the forestry sector and for wood [...]

Frame moulding finishes, an expression of contemporaneity

“The frame is, for the artwork, a transitional element. At times it is an entrance [...]

i.mes, a new tool for production control

Active in the wholesale production of frame moulding since 1975, Imex has always been sensitive [...]

Frame mouldings, production and sales

For 65 years IMEX has been producing frame rods for both the national and international market; [...]

New boilers for our production spaces

To ensure maximum yield and lower energy impact of our production plant of frame mouldings [...]

PMI DAY 2022 – The aftermovie

The visit of the young students of the local schools in our production plant, after [...]

PMI DAY 2022, Mauro Ghidini introduces the frame

A day of confrontation, dialogue and exchange between the younger generations and the business world, [...]

PMI DAY 2022, the beauty of being together again

“The Beauty of Italian Know-How”: the theme of this year’s PMI DAY has been, for [...]

PMI DAY 2022 goes live again: IMEX welcomes a local class

After the necessary stop to live activities imposed by the pandemic, PMI DAY, organized every [...]

PMI DAY 2021 sustainability is the key

For over 11 years PMI Day by Confindustria Bergamo has been organizing various orientation initiatives [...]

IMEX and Art2Night: press release

IMEX took part in the eighth edition of Art2Night, the White Night of Art which, [...]

Art2Night seen through the participant’s touch

The eighth edition of Art2Night, the “art fest” that animated Bergamo and its territory with [...]

IMEX takes part in the eighth edition of Art2night

On 18 September 2021 was held the eighth edition of Art2night, the “white night of [...]

PMI DAY 2020: a virtual connection between school and industry

For several years, in this period, IMEX has taken part at the PMI DAY organized [...]

IMEX: an SME that put productivity back on track

auro Ghidini, founder and president of IMEX, tells how the company reacted to the effects [...]

The recovery of the wood industry

"This emergency will make us reach even further in the search for quality.” Mauro Ghidini, [...]

IMEX, the emergency and the phase 2

The ongoing Covid-19 emergency has radically changed the way we live our everyday life and [...]

PMI DAY 2019: IMEX opens its doors to the students of local schools

PMI DAY-INDUSTRIAMOCI is an initiative that, since 2010, brings together local authorities, the media and the [...]

“Ritratti” – The Virtual Tour of the exhibition

For all those who didn’t have the opportunity to visit the exhibition, we created a [...]

IMEX lands at the Venice Film Festival: Press Review

On the occasion of the 76th Venice International Film Festival, IMEX actively participated in the [...]

“Ritratti”: the inauguration of the exhibition and IMEX’s role

On the occasion of the 76th Venice International Film Festival, La Biennale di Venezia chose [...]

Work in progress. ‘Ritratti’: the preparation of the artworks.

Recently, IMEX has been selected to bring added value to the photo exhibition called “RITRATTI [...]

The Biennale di Venezia chooses IMEX frames

On the occasion of the 76th Venice International Film Festival, the Biennale di Venezia, in [...]

60 years in the frame mouldings business

"Imex turns 60; in 2018 the company reaches this important goal, achieved thanks to a [...]

First creative contest: “The frame today”

Manifesto: "With this contest, we want to to reaffirm the strength, the sensitivity and the [...]

PMI DAY: The company opens the doors to the schools

On November 20th, the third year classes of the secondary school of San Pellegrino Terme [...]

Mickey 90 – The Art of a Dream

IMEX celebrates and sponsors the 90 years of Mickey Mouse in Italy, framing some of [...]

New product: Tiraposter

We have added Tiraposter to the range of our products, a wall hooking system that [...]

IMEX and the world of toons: the partnership goes on

IMEX's commitment to the local cultural events continues with the participation to the exhibition that took [...]

The ‘Origami’ frame has been disclosed to the public

The "La Straordinaria Quotidianità del Legno" exhibition, that was held in the Palazzo della Regione [...]

IMEX turns 60… and celebrates!

On Friday 12thof October, IMEX celebrated its first 60 years in the frame mouldings businesswith [...]

Generational changes and new technologies for IMEX

Mauro Ghidini, president of IMEX, talks about the company management’s generational shift to his daughters, [...]

Mauro Ghidini, president of IMEX, examines the evolutions of our industry.

Mauro Ghidini, owner of our company and president of the Wood group of Confindustria Bergamo, [...]

IMEX: a registered trademark; a value brand.

For decades we have been producing wooden frame mouldings, and our company stands out for [...]

IMEX back to Las Vegas for the West Coast Art & Frame Expo

IMEX confirms its presence at the West Coast Art & Frame Expo also for next [...]

Diabolika Mano: IMEX sponsorship goes on

After the success of the Bergamo Toons event, IMEX continues to give it’s support to [...]

November 28: the PMI DAY in our headquarters

On November 28th, our headquarters hosted the eighth edition of the PMI DAY, an important [...]

A market-oriented corporate meeting

The theme of IMEX’s second business meeting, that wad held the past 21st of November, [...]

“Il Legno dalla Natura alle Cose”: 34 companies face to face with wood

This year, IMEX has assured its presence at the event "Il legno dalla Natura alle [...]

IMEX performs at BergamoTOONS 2017

From June 22 to 24, the city of Bergamo will become theatre of an important [...]

Great success in Bologna for Famaart 2017

In the beginning of March, IMEX participated at the Famaart of Bologna, the European reference [...]

Next appointment on the calendar: the FamaArt fair in Bologna

It is with great satisfaction and anticipation that we announce the participation of our company [...]

Report from the WCAF Show in Las Vegas

It is a pleasure to announce that our company has recently participated, from the 23rd [...]

November 8, 2016 : the opportunity we were looking for to pursue a new direction.

On November 8 of 2016 was held the first IMEX staff meeting, which brought together [...]

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New website!

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