Prodotti The frame embraces the inner world. And enhances
the outer world.
Etica We care about the environment. And strive to treat natural resources with respect. Esportazione Flexibility, development, innovation. It’s the only way to be successful. Produzione Large-scale collections, but bespoke solutions too. We base our production
around your needs.
Azienda The solidity of the mountains, the flexibility of wood. Our brand is reflected in what we create.

Italian quality you can reach out and touch.

IMEX is a family business that has been producing wooden frame mouldings for decades. The company is renowned for its meticulous attention to detail, extra-mile attitude in customer service and unerring focus on quality, across the board.

Frame mouldings

Simple, elaborate, customized or mass-produced.

Our frame mouldings satisfy any stylistic or production need: from the mass production of paintings to the “taylor-made” for shops, to the customization for the catering, hotel and naval industries.


From raw wooden planks to finished and ready-to-use frame mouldings, IMEX takes care of every phase and detail of the production cycle, ensuring the maximum flexibility in design, planning and execution.

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In IMEX, it’s all about quality: of materials, of production processes and of products; about compliance with deadlines and agreements made with customers, and about solidity and continuity over time. IMEX is a company that likes to looks to the future, but well rooted in a past of passion, commitment and perseverance, of market surveys and continuous experimentation.

Our philosophy? Transformation, starting from the very base of what we have been, to design a more complex identity, where the true value the community.

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