5 reasons why FSC® certification is important

Importanza certificazione FSC

The FSC® certification is a specific international recognition for the forestry sector and for wood products derived from forests. This certification is issued by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), a non-profit, non-governmental organization, or by national bodies acting on behalf of the FSC®.

The organization created an internationally recognized standard with the aim of promoting a correct forest management and the traceability of derived products. The FSC® certification scheme is independent and inspections are conducted by over 30 organizations worldwide

The FSC® certification basically guarantees that the raw materials used by certified companies come from forests managed according to forest management and chain of custody principles, and it is extremely important for companies like Imex that work with wood, for several reasons:

  1. Credibility and reputation: the FSC® certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable and responsible forest management. This increases the company’s credibility in the eyes of customers, consumers and stakeholders, helping to enhance its reputation as a socially responsible company.

  2. Access to markets: Many companies, especially the ones operating internationally, increasingly require products from sustainable sources. The FSC® certification opens access to these markets, enabling companies to meet the needs of customers looking for products from sustainably managed forests.

  3. Compliance with laws and regulations: The certification helps companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to sustainable forest management. Government laws and regulations in many countries require adherence to recognized standards such as FSC® to demonstrate the sustainability of forest operations.

  4. Conservation of the environment: FSC® certification promotes the conservation of the forest environment, including the maintenance of biodiversity, the protection of animal habitats and the conservation of water resources. Certified companies are required to follow stringent environmental standards, reducing the negative impact on forests.

  5. Involvement of local communities: The FSC® certification encourages the involvement of local communities in decisions about forest management. This can include respecting the rights of indigenous peoples, promoting fair and decent work for forest workers and addressing the social and economic needs of local communities.

In summary, FSC® certification is important for companies that work with wood as it provides tangible evidence of a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability, ensures compliance with the guidelines provided by the organization and promotes responsible forest management, a benefit of the whole community.

In Imex we are committed to promoting sustainable management of forest resources in line with ethical and environmental values. We favor the use of FSC® forest-based raw materials for our frame mouldings and wood products.

But it is not only the frame mouldings that are certified: on request, our products can be FSC® certified.

Maintaining the FSC® system as part of our company policy and collaborating where possible with certified suppliers is our way of safeguarding the health of our planet, which provides us with a precious and malleable raw material for the creation of furniture, objects and decorations for our homes, and much more.

In the woodworking industry, choosing an FSC® certified partner is certainly the best and most responsible choice.