Frame moulding finishes, an expression of contemporaneity

finitura aste per cornici imex

“The frame is, for the artwork, a transitional element.

At times it is an entrance threshold, at others a boundary, and yet at others a connection.”

Mauro Ghidini, founder and president of Imex.

In the world of frame mouldings, the production technique is an element of fundamental importance, but no less significant than the conceptual and creative aspect that frames embody in the realms of art and interior design.

The finish, which, along with the shape and material, characterizes the frame moulding, plays a crucial role, particularly in contemporary times. Over the centuries, the frame has gradually detached itself from the accompanying artwork and has simplified it’s shape, allowing this characteristic to become a dominant factor both in the choice of the end consumer and in our production strategies.

Centuries ago the artwork and its frame were intertwined, with rich embellishments highlighting the status quo. With the emergence of artistic avant-gardes, the frame gained independence and began to assume different roles, depending on the artist’s desire for expression or the equally significant desire of the final user. Today, the frame engages in a dialogue with the content it encloses and enhances, while simultaneously creating a connection with the observer.

The finishes of our frame mouldings

In Imex the production of frame rods is carried out based on market trends and the specific needs of the customers. We employ various production methods and offer multiple creative options for coatings and finishes.

  • We designed contemporary finishes with bursts of color, derived from the use of environmentally friendly low-impact polyurethane paints.
  • We can incorporate a variety of patterns into our creative designs, using wood paste and molds, and enriched with luminous and golden details or patinas that enhance their design.
  • We also offer our customers traditional finishes such as hot stamping films, dyes, or covering papers with effects that evoke the charm of ancient cultures, antique woods, and even baroque-style gilding.

The finish of a frame moulding is, therefore, the element that catches the observer’s eye and allows for additional expression or interpretation of its content. The choice of a frame moulding with the right finish enables the creation of harmony in the ambients it will inhabit. It can appear rustic with scratched surfaces and prominent wood knots, or industrial, with paints resembling metal oxidations, or aluminum foil coatings.

A frame finish can also be romantic, with soft and warm tones, or cheerful and lively, adorned with bright and colorful lines. Lastly, there is the frame moulding with a discreet finish, featuring essential and minimalist white or black lacquers. These are particularly appreciated and widely used in photography.

Frame moulding finishes, the cultural aspect

The finish of a frame moulding is, in the end, an expression of the culture and the experiences of who buys it. In our company, we have the expertise, the organization, and the flexibility to allow our customers to express themselves also through the finishes. Because “home” is the space we inhabit with our bodies, the artwork is a space we inhabit with our eyes, and our eyes seek variability, harmony, and beauty.

Our numbers: production of frame mouldings, models and finishes

Imex produces, every year, approximately 7.5 million linear meters of frame mouldings, 275 product families 48 different types of finishes. Custom production can be requested with minimum order quantities, and all our products can be FSC® certified for those who care about the environment and the planet.