60 years in the frame mouldings business

Imex turns 60; in 2018 the company reaches this important goal, achieved thanks to a rich value component built over time; made of tradition, innovation, passion, corporate culture and a great team of men and women.

Mauro Ghidini.

A glance at the future passing through the achievements that allowed the company to reach its position, and the pleasure to share with many of the people who helped to cover this path full of satisfactions. This was the theme of the party organized to celebrate the 60th anniversary of IMEX: a beautiful evening spent with our employees and their companions, with the business partners and the suppliers with whom we have built, over the years, a solid relationship. Indeed, the company operates deeply connected with the territory and the people who live it; and as demonstration of this, we received a great and enthusiastic participation, added to the value, dedication and passion of the people who contribute, every day, to the growth of the company.