First creative contest: “The frame today”

Manifesto: “With this contest, we want to to reaffirm the strength, the sensitivity and the culture that lies within every artistic product. The frame has always played the role of completion of more or less famous artworks, enhancing the message, and raising different emotions in the persons who view them. Surely, it has been interpreter of the times and culture of every age. We have therefore tested the young people of the Fantoni Art School of Bergamo so that they could give their own colourful, creative and typically “digital native” interpretation of the theme of decoration.

Two fifth year classes of the architectural workshop of Professor Luca Pedone were tested on the theme of frames; the promptness in thinking, the competence, the will to question themselves and the inclination to the use of colour were so surprising that three of their projects will be put into production: the ones of Chiara Gritti, Anna Pedrini and Giulia Delprato.

We’re happy and proud to have contributed to the professional growth of these young people, because talent must be built, cultivate and trained!