Art2Night seen through the participant’s touch

The eighth edition of Art2Night, the “art fest” that animated Bergamo and its territory with events, demonstrations and shows in a glorious party attended by thousands of citizens, art enthusiasts or simple curious, turned the people in the leading actors of the night, especially the kids, thanks to an initiative organized by IMEX which has been widely participated.

In strategic points in the event area, in fact, IMEX has positioned stands with white canvases, colors and brushes, inviting anyone who wanted to express themselves to leave their very personal, creative and whimsical sign on the canvas. And the invitation was received with great enthusiasm.

Here is where we placed the stands:

  • Spazio Espositivo Cento4 – Art Gallery
  • Centro Culturale Le Grazie – Church
  • La Fenice spazio espositivo – Art Gallery
  • Teatro di Sant’Andrea – Experimental Theater of the University of Bergamo
  • Palazzo Moroni – Historic building
  • Sala Viscontea – Passaggio di Adalberto – Exhibition area of the botanical garden of Bergamo’s Citta Alta
  • Sant’Agata Prison

In the images below, the result of the initiative: the many canvases brought to life by the passage of people and by the concrete sign of the emotions generated by the event in a colorful potpourri of shapes, colors, lively signs and multiple and varied artistic expressions. The collected canvases will then be framed by us and sold during a charity auction.