IMEX takes part in the eighth edition of Art2night

On 18 September 2021 was held the eighth edition of Art2night, the “white night of art” that animated Bergamo and its territory with colors, shapes, creativity and a lot of enthusiasm by the thousands of people that attended, the true stars of the event.

Organized by the Art Maiora association, with the patronage of the Municipality of Bergamo, the event was a lively alternation of exhibitions and shows, a real collective party that saw the rebirth and the new shine of institutions such as art galleries, museums, cultural and artistic associations, the most affected by the pandemics.

IMEX, always linked to the world of art thanks to the production of frame mouldings, basic elements that enclose, complete and enhance any artwork, could not fail to be present at an event of this magnitude. And so it did, with the usual discretion, becoming organizer and promoter of an initiative that empowered people, inviting the crowd to leave a mark, a trace of their presence, and to express their creativity, for once without filters. Within the event, in fact, white canvases with colors and brushes were placed in strategic points so that anyone could express themselves and their sensitivity towards the expressiveness and the language of art, sharing a small or large window on their private world, externalizing an emotion, expressing a concept. The decorated canvases have then been collected by us, and will be framed and sold during a charity auction.

As always, we are happy and proud to be able to make our contribution to the free expression of people through art; here you can see the outcome of the initiative, and have a look of all the works produced by real or self-made artists who wanted to express their creativity.