New boilers for our production spaces

Sostituzione caldaie Imex con modelli più ecologici

To ensure maximum yield and lower energy impact of our production plant of frame mouldings and other timber products, we have recently replaced our old boilers with three brand new Firematic 499, low-emission boilers made by the Austrian company Herz.

New boiler in our production area

Heating our large production area (which has a global floor area of about 6,700 square meters) efficiently and with low energy consumption, and at the same time being able to recover in the most effective way the waste from our woodworking activities was a challenge that we wanted to win, especially for the respect of the environment and the territory that hosts us, the beautiful Val Brembana.

Compact and easy to install, intelligent and technological, this new boiler model ensures low emissions by a combustion technology at the highest levels that allows the use of different types of fuel.

Boiler feeding with woodworking waste

Waste material of our frame mouldings

The boiler is fed with sawdust and wood chips, recovery of the processing waste from the sawmill/moulding departments of our production plant for frame mouldings and other wood derivates, mainly pine, ayous, oak and linden, all woods that form the basis of our production.

Our new boiler is also equipped with a thermal storage system: once a certain water temperature inside the tank is reached, the boiler modulates in power until it is switched off; this allows to reduce the hours of ignition and the consumption of the material, for considerable energy savings.

Technical details

  • Nominal power: 499 kWh per boiler
  • Thermal efficiency: between 93 and 94%
  • Atmospheric emissions of primary particulate matter (PP): 8 mg/Nm3 ref. to 13% O2
  • Compliance with UNI EN 303-5 class 5

From woodworking to ecological impact

Reducing the impact on the environment of a company like ours, which produces about 8,642,000 linear meters of frame mouldings per year, as well as a wide range of other products made with wood, means equipping our company with the most modern and efficient machinery, and not only specific for our woodworking activities, but that also allow to obtain and maintain a comfortable and safe working space, while recycling as much production waste as possible and reducing emissions.