PMI DAY 2019: IMEX opens its doors to the students of local schools

PMI DAY-INDUSTRIAMOCI is an initiative that, since 2010, brings together local authorities, the media and the young people of the local schools with small and medium-sized businesses associated with Confindustria.

Held simultaneously in Spain, Portugal and Tunisia, this year the PMI DAY saw the participation of 1300 companies, of which 120 located in the Bergamo area, a territory that also contributed with 80 different schools, for a total of about 6.000 students.

Like the past years, IMEX has actively participated to this event by opening its doors to the students, allowing them to see with their own eyes the reality of a company, the way in which technology and innovation come together with tradition and with a long time know-how, and the concrete possibilities of personal achievement and professional growth offered by a sector that, more than others, can enhance their talents and convey them in a profession.

This year too, IMEX has created a privileged corridor between education and industry, so important to create value in the territory, creating a connection between the future resources, and the businesses where they could find a professional development.

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