IMEX, the emergency and the phase 2

The ongoing Covid-19 emergency has radically changed the way we live our everyday life and how we project ourselves in a future scenario, and is forcing us to review our management and production assets to cope with the contingent situation.

Before the lockdown we managed to keep the company open and active until the last day, with the safety for all our employees and partners in mind. During the lockdown, we kept alive the daily communication with collaborators, professionals, suppliers and customers all over the world, thanks to the commitment of people like Hans Esser, Francesco Alberto and Flavia Bonzi.

Today IMEX is operational again, albeit with reduced staff and with the prescribed safety precautions, and we are restarting our activities in a fluid and programmed way; this was possible also thanks to the uninterrupted communication channel with the outside world. 

Today, IMEX looks at the future with renewed energy, a new production flexibility and a great desire to get back in business, investing resources, and ideas, to continue to be one of the main players on the national and international market.


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