PMI DAY 2020: a virtual connection between school and industry

For several years, in this period, IMEX has taken part at the PMI DAY organized by Confindustria Bergamo in order to bring young students from secondary schools closer to the world of small and medium-sized enterprises, through direct experience in the factories and production plants and with a dialogue between students and entrepreneurs.

This year, due to health restrictions, site visits cannot take place. But IMEXdoesn’t want to give up the opportunity to have a confrontation with the new generations in a unique historical period that subverts all the rules of the work world, which today, more than ever, is facing with issues such as restrictions, resilience, flexibility and the importance of teamwork.

Thus, if in the past years PMI DAY meant hosting, between all the companies associated with Confindustria Bergamo, thousands of middle school kids in the factories, this year too the network is ready to welcome 2580 students from 120 classes… online, with a series of webinars and different types of digital initiatives. A virtual event which started from a live TV show in which some entrepreneurs told their experience: PMI DAY 2020 – Confindustria Bergamo – SEILATV Canale 216.

Following this “online mood”, IMEX prepared a series of slides that describe the company’ products, the processed materials, the final finishes and the geographical areas of competence. All completed by an innovative interactive journey through the plant with a 360° vision tool, which allows the kids to have contact, albeit in a virtual way, with the production cycles and their complexity.

While waiting to be able to welcome again young people in our factories, we are still working in the direction of keeping alive the dialogue and the training that makes the PMI DAY an important point of contact between companies and schools.