PMI Day 2023, Imex welcomes kids and celebrates freedom

foto di gruppo con i ragazzi del pmi day 2023

Like every year, the PMI Day organized by Confindustria Bergamo in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo and Confagricoltura Bergamo and aimed at children from primary schools is an important moment of dialogue between generations, thanks to the involvement of young people, institutions and the press. But it also represents the first step on a path that aims in the long term to have a positive impact on issues such as skill mismatch, skill mismatch and lack of qualified personnel in the manufacturing and industrial sectors.

This edition of PMI Day was also a huge success, with the participation of 100 companies, 55 schools and over 4,200 students, who had the opportunity to experience first-hand production realities increasingly oriented towards technological innovation and a strong environmental sensitivity.

The theme and common thread of the 2023 edition of PMI Day is freedom: to realize one’s aspirations, to contribute to collective well-being, to affirm the values ​​of civil coexistence, but above all the freedom to choose one’s own future and make one’s dreams come true through study, and application of the knowledge learned in school, without gender conditioning. For example, in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), an environment which until now has been almost entirely male-dominated, recently girls have shown that they know how to distinguish themselves with excellent results.

PMI Day 2023 at Imex, freedom of creativity

We too opened the doors of our company to a group of students and welcomed them into our production areas, trying to transfer the concept of freedom by showing them the company as a community of people willing to discuss, collaborate and make themselves available to team, with each other, with their skills, for greater involvement of everyone.

The event was also an excellent opportunity to insist on the idea of ​​the school as a launching pad for future realization in any direction, and of the company as a place where ethics and attention to social issues coexist, where differences are welcomed and valued. In maximum freedom.

After a tour of the production areas, offices and showrooms, and after sharing with the young people our vision of doing business, we invited them to express their personal concept of freedom as freely as possible, urging them to “have their say” with colors on many blank canvases at their disposal.

The result? A triumph of expressions of freedom, of impulse, of creativity, and of the enthusiasm typical of young people with an infinite number of possibilities ahead. Which we hope to accompany towards personal fulfillment, autonomy and independence, even with events like today’s.

PMI DAY 2023 Photogallery

Some moments of a beautiful day dedicated to discussion between generations and dialogue with young people.

The arrival of the kids in our production plant.

Giulia Ghidini, Production Director, illustrates the operational processes.

The speech by Mauro Ghidini, President of Imex.

The kids express themselves on the concept of freedom.