Frame mouldings in lime wood

aste per cornici in legno di tiglio

The intense scent of the lime tree in the evening is an ecstatic rapture that imprints itself on us in an indelible way and, in the heart of the joy of living, traces a furrow of happiness that not even all the sweetness of a July evening could explain.

 Cit: Muriel Barbery, scrittrice

Large leaves for shade, heart-shaped and serrated. Smooth and gray bark when young which cracks over the years, cracking and darkening, and small, light-coloured, fragrant flowers often used together with the leaves to prepare herbal teas and infusions with calming and soothing properties. The lime tree is a tree that has a long cultural history and a great impact on our imagination; it is often associated with positive symbolism, and in many European cultures it’s considered a symbol of love and prosperity.

It is also a homogeneous wood, ivory white in color, easily workable and extremely renewable, a quality that has made it one of the most appreciated woods in the sector.

Lime wood, peculiarities

Due to its characteristics, lime wood is widely used in various applications in the wood industry. In nature there are different species, but some of the characteristics of the wood obtained from them are common:

  • Lightweight and easy to work with: It is light and has a fine grain, making it easy to work with both hand tools and machines.

  • Color: It is clear, with a shade ranging from white to pale yellow, which allows it to adapt well to a variety of finishes and colors.

  • Artistic applications: Due to its easy-to-work, carve, and sculpt nature, it is often chosen for art projects and sculptures.

Frame mouldings in lime wood, characteristics

Lime frame mouldings have various characteristics that make them suitable for the creation of artistic frames and products for masonry art. Here are some:

Lightweight – Lime wood is known for its lightness, which makes linden rods ideal for making frames, especially if you want to avoid excessive weight.

Fine Grain and Color – It has a fine and uniform grain which can help give a smooth and uniform appearance to the surface of the framing rods. Its light color allows maximum flexibility in choosing the finish or color of the temples, to adapt them to the desired style.

Ease of finishing – Responds well to various finishes, including varnishes and lacquers. This allows you to customize the appearance of the rods to best fit your project.

Ease of processing – This feature allows you to carve fine details or shape the rods with very creative results.

Sustainability and economy – Lime wood is a fairly common tree, and if it comes from sustainably managed sources it can be considered an ecological choice.

Lime wood frame rods are therefore a versatile, workable, lightweight product that lends itself well to the most disparate types of finishing: ideal for those who do large-scale work like ours.