A new moulder for our framing rods

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We are specialized in the production of frame mouldings and other wood products; we offer high quality and innovative design solutions to meet the needs of our customers in the art, furniture and wall art sector.

More than 60 years of activity and a constant work with customers who come to us from every corner of the world have allowed us to develop a solid reputation regarding the dedication, attention to detail and innovation of our products, which we create with the use of cutting edge technologies and the most advanced machinery in the world of woodworking.

The role of the moulder in the production of frame rods

cutters and moulder knife heads

The core business of our company, the production of frame mouldings, also develops thanks to the use of a machine called moulder, which with a series of cutters and knife heads, removes excess material from the wood and produces frame mouldings, rods, slats and strips for frames.

The most modern moulders allow a clean and uniform processing, and can be configured to perform specific types of processing. Furthermore, professional moulders are designed to work with different types of wood and to handle both high production volumes and small batches, and are usually equipped with automation and numerical control functions to ensure efficient and precise processing.

Another 4.0 machine for our production areas

With the increase in workloads and with the vision of a continuous update of the machinery to adapt to the highest safety standards and to work more efficiently, minimizing the possibility of accidents, optimizing raw materials and reducing waste, we are waiting to receive a new moulder dedicated to the production of oak frame mouldings.

The new machine, to all intents and purposes belonging to Industry 4.0, will be included in a fleet that already has another seven, divided between our two production areas, some of which are currently dedicated to specific lines of work.

The new Powermat 1500

The new eight-shaft Weinig Powermat 1500 will allow us to operate with a higher production flexibility while maintaining the same quality, thanks to intuitive controls and a large display for adjustments with the possibility of memorizing them, and will ensure comfort of use, efficient waste disposal and, of course, the most modern safety devices.

For a company like ours, looking to the future means selecting the tools to work efficiently, safely and sustainably.