Frame mouldings in Ayous wood

Aste per cornici in legno di Ayous

Who worked in the sector for years knows it: working with wood means not only modeling a material, but also knowing how to make it speak and revive it in a new guise, grasping the characteristics and the imperfections that tell a unique story, and continuing the story through the different workmanship first, and the enrichment of the memory emotion then, thanks to a photograph, a drawing, a framed print.

The variability of wood derives from the difference between each single tree, and from the combination of genetic factors and natural elements such as terrain, exposure, altitude, presence or absence of other trees, atmospheric events.

Our goal is to use a good number of woods to enhance its structure, grain, porosity and surface appearance through the shape and finish. And its very essence.

Ayous wood: introduction and curiosities

Ayous, also called obeche or abacus, are majestic trees with strong roots, of the deciduous family. This species is categorized as an upright tree, that can reach, and sometimes even exceed, 45/50 meters in height, and 2 meters in trunk diameter.

For about the first 30 meters of height the Ayous trees have no leaves. This feature has a significant technical impact as it allows you to obtain knot-free wood. The knots in fact represent the points where the branches connect to the trunk and constitute physiological elements of the wood itself; the presence of knots can negatively affect the stability of the wood essence. The possibility of obtaining knot-free wood right from the start is therefore an advantage which increases the value of Ayous wooden planks.

Ayous wood: technical characteristics

Ayous wood has a series of technical characteristics that make it particularly interesting and versatile:

  • Color and Appearance – Ayous wood is light in colour, ranging from greyish-white to cream, with a natural sheen. This uniform and homogenous tone makes it ideal for light and bright finishes.

  • Hardness and Weight – It is a relatively soft and light wood, making it easily workable and suitable for a variety of woodworking and artistic projects.

  • Absence of Knots – As we have already said, one of the distinctive characteristics of Ayous is the absence of knots for the first approximately 30 meters of height, an important characteristic for obtaining boards free from imperfections, improving the stability and aesthetic appearance of the products finished.

  • Stability – Despite its lightness, Ayous wood is quite stable, with a low tendency to shrink and warp once properly seasoned.

  • Workability – Due to its softness and texture, Ayous wood is easy to work with cutting and turning tools, making it suitable for both precision work and more craft projects.

  • Versatility: In addition to making rods for frames, this wood is often used in the production of furniture, interior trim, doors, window frames, and also for artistic and decorative objects.

Frame mouldinga in Ayous wood

Certainly, ayous wood frame mouldings are an essential component in the assembly and creation of artistic and decorative frames, and can be used to make a wide range of products, from simple photograph frames to artwork frames for more elaborate art.

Here are some important features and considerations of ayous wood frame rods:

  • Lightweight: it is easy to handle in the production area. This feature is particularly useful when creating large frames, as the overall weight of the frame will never be excessive.

  • Ease of processing: it can be cut, shaped and carved without too much difficulty, making it suitable for even the most creative applications.

  • Finishes and colors: thanks to its fine and uniform texture and soft colour, it lends itself well to transparent color shades. A wide range of shades, which personalize the frame by adapting it to the desired style and environment.

  • Affordable price: ayous is good value for money, making it a popular choice for those looking for more affordable options.

Ultimately, our frame mouldings in ayous wood f offer a lightweight, versatile and affordable solution for assembling decorative framing. Their ease of processing and the possibility of personalizing them with different finishes and colors make them an interesting choice for those who produce frames for artists, photographers and anyone interested in framing works of art or memories in a versatile and creative way.