Oak frame mouldings

Aste per cornici in rovere

“In every little imperfection the experience of a tree, its history, its charm” A.S.

Wood is one of the most extraordinary and unique materials that nature offers. For millennia, humanity has harnessed the extraordinary properties of wood to build, create, express creativity and connect with nature in deep and meaningful ways.

A true gift of nature, wood offers us the unique opportunity to explore the art and science of using a material that has allowed us to shape part of our world, starting from its natural beauty, its versatility, sustainability and ability to connect with our emotions and history.

Oak in particular is one of the most iconic and used woods in the world of woodworking. This majestic tree, known for its strength and the beauty of its wood, occupies a prominent place in Italian history, culture and industry.

Oak, characteristics and curiosities

Oak is one of the species of the tree family known scientifically as Quercus. There are numerous species all over the world, they give oak wood, one of the most valuable and widely used woods in various sectors, including the production of furniture, floors, barrels for the aging of wines and spirits and, of course, also frame rods, the flagship product of our production.

Oak has some ecological relevance, providing habitat for wildlife, contributing to the health of forest ecosystems and playing an essential role in the production of high-quality wood for industry.

The oak tree also has a significant presence in human culture, is valued for its many medicinal qualities and is a symbol of strength, endurance, longevity and wisdom.

Peculiarities of the oak tree

  • They vary greatly in size and can reach considerable heights, from 15 to 30 meters or more, depending on the species. They have a robust trunk and an imposing appearance.

  • The leaves are generally large and lobed, with serrated margins. The shape and type of leaves may vary slightly.

  • The bark can be wrinkled, fissured or smooth, also depending on the age of the tree, with shades of color ranging from gray to brown.

  • Oak trees are known for their longevity and weather resistance, making them suitable for many applications, including decks and outdoor structures.

  • It can be grown sustainably, making it a renewable resource and an environmentally responsible choice for the wood industry.

Oak frame mouldings

Oak framing mouldings are essential elements for the art of framing, and have some distinctive characteristics that make them particularly popular in this context. Here are some:

Oak wood section for frame rods

Aesthetics: It is known for its natural beauty; its grain, from fine to coarse, gives the temples a warm and elegant appearance that pairs well with a variety of styles.

Hardness and durability: it is among the hardest and most resistant woods, ideal for creating frame rods that can support the weight of the framed painting or work of art.

Workability: It is relatively easy to work with the right tools, allowing the production of frames with elaborate details.

Finish: The matte or semi-gloss finish can highlight the natural beauty of the wood and match the surrounding decor.

Weather resistance: This wood is naturally resistant to moisture.

Versatility of use: it lends itself well to a wide range of styles, from the most traditional to the most modern. It can be used to frame paintings, mirrors, photographs and important museum works.

Longevity: they maintain their beauty and structural integrity over time.

Oak wood framing rods offer a mix of natural beauty, durability and versatility that make them a popular choice for framing artwork and mirrors, helping to enhance and preserve framed contents elegantly.