PMI DAY 2022 goes live again: IMEX welcomes a local class

After the necessary stop to live activities imposed by the pandemic, PMI DAY, organized every year by Confindustria Bergamo, finally goes live again, allowing young people to experience first-hand the reality of small and medium-sized local enterprises, the true wealth of the territory.

Since 2010, in fact, PMI Day has been an important opportunity for dialogue and confrontation between companies and the new generations, inviting thousands of young people to discover how products and services are born in small and medium sized businesses, and to learn their values and opportunities; a precious opportunity to bring young people closer to the industry sector.

The 2022 edition, which will begin on November 18th, will have as theme The Beauty of Italian Know-How, referring to the excellence of Italian production and our ability to conceive, manufacture and market products that tell our history, our values and our traditions. This aspect of Made in Italy is even more important in small businesses, where entrepreneurs and business partners work side by side to ensure product excellence.

This is what happens every day in IMEX, and this is what the class of young people who will visit our production plant to discover how our products are born, from the conception of the idea to the final touch, will experience.

We are pleased to open, again, the doors of our company to the students of local schools, and to be able to pass on all the passion, the focus on quality and the creative mix between tradition and innovation that has always characterized our work.

Stay with us for a more detailed report of what will surely be a day of great stimuli and learning, for the kids, as for us.