PMI DAY 2021 sustainability is the key

For over 11 years PMI Day by Confindustria Bergamo has been organizing various orientation initiatives that aim to bring the young generations closer to the industrial sector, promoting the development of scientific disciplines and encouraging courses of study able to give back to the territory young technicians ready to fill the current lack of specialized skills.

Among the various initiatives proposed, which will continue until the first months of 2022, there are “meetings” between the students of the local schools and the small and medium-sized enterprises of the territory. In the previous years, hundreds of students have visited our company, from the administrative to the production areas.

Like last year, the 2021 edition also had to take place in virtual mode, via a video meeting that still allowed the confrontation with the new generations.

This year the theme of PMI Day is sustainability, not only at a strictly environmental level, but also in an economic and social meaning, a topic on which we based the dialogue and the discussion with the students.

Naturally, when dealing with products made with wood, the presentation we shared with the students started from the natural sustainability that can be found in any forest, where every element takes, transforms and returns: a virtuous life cycle that we have also taken as an example for our company policies, giving back value to the territory in which we operate through new development opportunities, with particular attention, at an environmental level, to responsible forest management, use of by-products, recovery of waste and maximum production efficiency given by continuous updates and renewals of the production plants.

Here below, the slides of the presentation that was the subject of our meeting with the students. We hope to be able to welcome back soon in our industry the young generations of today, future entrepreneurs of tomorrow.