PMI DAY 2022, the beauty of being together again

“The Beauty of Italian Know-How”: the theme of this year’s PMI DAY has been, for our company, first of all the beauty of being able to meet again, in person, with the students of one of the local schools that participated in the event coming to visit us.

The beauty of looking into each other’s eyes, of being able to touch the materials, of watching the machinery work, of experiencing first-hand the company’s production process. The beauty of the amazement and of the interest that we saw in the expressions of the young ones, but also the beauty of transferring knowledge and information, and of doing it together, as a group. At last.

Since 2010, in fact, PMI DAY represented an important opportunity for dialogue and confrontation between local companies and local schoolchildren, and returning in presence after the forced stop caused by the pandemics has been the motive power and the great energy of this event.

This year IMEX welcomed in its workspaces a class of young people who had the opportunity to experience in first person the production processes that give life to the company’s products, and to conceive the company as a place where ideas become projects, projects take shape thanks to different processes, and processes are made possible by the collaboration between people.

To these young students, so curious, brilliant and eager to know and learn, we have launched a challenge that invites them to inspire themselves to Leonardo da Vinci, great painter, scientist, mathematician, inventor, engineer, scholar and Italian artist, with a small gift: a kit with notebook and pencil to trace their ideas, an eraser for direction changes, a colored pencil to enhance expressiveness, and a bookmark to mark where they are in the path of their inner growth.