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Skill Mismatch and Talent Retention: comparing young generations and companies

Skill mismatch e talent retention, giovani e aziende

In recent years, companies and young people have been facing a crucial problem: the skill mismatch, or the imbalance between the skills required by companies and those of young workers. This phenomenon, which has becoming increasingly evident, has a significant impact on the economy and on the growth opportunities of young people and companies. The […]

5 reasons why FSC® certification is important

Importanza certificazione FSC

The FSC® certification is a specific international recognition for the forestry sector and for wood products derived from forests. This certification is issued by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), a non-profit, non-governmental organization, or by national bodies acting on behalf of the FSC®. The organization created an internationally recognized standard with the aim of promoting […]

PMI DAY 2022 – The aftermovie

The visit of the young students of the local schools in our production plant, after two years of forced stop, has been a beautiful moment. The PMI DAY 2022, whose theme was “The Beauty of Italian Know-How“, allowed us to show the beauty of Italian manufacturing to the young people of the territory, bringing them […]

PMI DAY 2022, Mauro Ghidini introduces the frame

A day of confrontation, dialogue and exchange between the younger generations and the business world, finally in person after two years of pandemic stop. PMI Day 2022 saw IMEX come alive with the presence of a class of young students from one of the local schools, in order to bring young people closer to the […]

PMI DAY 2022, the beauty of being together again

“The Beauty of Italian Know-How”: the theme of this year’s PMI DAY has been, for our company, first of all the beauty of being able to meet again, in person, with the students of one of the local schools that participated in the event coming to visit us. The beauty of looking into each other’s […]

PMI DAY 2022 goes live again: IMEX welcomes a local class

After the necessary stop to live activities imposed by the pandemic, PMI DAY, organized every year by Confindustria Bergamo, finally goes live again, allowing young people to experience first-hand the reality of small and medium-sized local enterprises, the true wealth of the territory. Since 2010, in fact, PMI Day has been an important opportunity for […]

PMI DAY 2021 sustainability is the key

For over 11 years PMI Day by Confindustria Bergamo has been organizing various orientation initiatives that aim to bring the young generations closer to the industrial sector, promoting the development of scientific disciplines and encouraging courses of study able to give back to the territory young technicians ready to fill the current lack of specialized […]