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Open frames, the essentiality of the frame

Aste per cornici per montature a giorno

The evolution of the frame The history of the frame has seen significant evolution over the centuries. In the Middle Ages, for example, frames were extremely elaborate, often carved from wood and gilded, like those of religious icons. During the Renaissance, frames acquired independent artistic importance, with intricate designs and precious materials. Baroque and Rococo […]

Industriamoci Award – A great victory for the area

Premiazione Premio Industiamoci

Confagricoltura Bergamo, Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo, Police Headquarters, Accademia Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri and Vigili del Fuoco participated in the 14th edition of PMI DAY, and a total of 103 companies opened their doors to 56 schools, welcoming around 4,200 students. During the company visits, which took place between November 2023 and January 2024, the entrepreneurs […]

The use of pattern in the world of framing

aste per cornici con pattern

In the vast and creative panorama of art and design, frames play a crucial role in elevating and enhancing works of art and photographs, giving them an aura of elegance and refinement and creating a bridge between the work and the eye of the viewer who benefits from it, improving artistic communication. The world of […]

Frame mouldings for shadow box fames

aste per cornici a cassetta laccate

Shadow box frames differ from other types because they are created to frame canvases and panels of a certain thickness and are characterized by an elegant and discreet assembly, which develops in height rather than width, offering a pleasant effect of depth and detachment of the subject from the wall. This particular type of frame […]

Color, a fundamental element in our homes, and in our lives

il colore nella casa e nella vita

In the vast panorama of design and home furnishings, colors play a leading role, shaping not only the aesthetics of spaces, but also influencing our mood and our daily well-being. For centuries, designers have exploited the psychology of colors to create environments that inspire, relax or stimulate creativity, exploring the ever-changing ways they integrate into […]

PMI Day 2023, Imex welcomes kids and celebrates freedom

foto di gruppo con i ragazzi del pmi day 2023

Like every year, the PMI Day organized by Confindustria Bergamo in collaboration with Confartigianato Imprese Bergamo and Confagricoltura Bergamo and aimed at children from primary schools is an important moment of dialogue between generations, thanks to the involvement of young people, institutions and the press. But it also represents the first step on a path […]

Imex at LegnoLive! with the young people of the territory

la partecipazione di imex a legnolive!

The 24th of November, more than 200 students from the Professional Training Center of the Fantoni Art School of Bergamo and from the Quarenghi Higher Institutes of Bergamo, Turoldo of Zogno and Fantoni of Clusone participated in “LegnoLive! Discovering Wood Technology” at the Confindustria Bergamo Auditorium. The event, organized by the Wood Area of Confindustria […]