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The use of pattern in the world of framing

aste per cornici con pattern

In the vast and creative panorama of art and design, frames play a crucial role in elevating and enhancing works of art and photographs, giving them an aura of elegance and refinement and creating a bridge between the work and the eye of the viewer who benefits from it, improving artistic communication. The world of […]

Color, a fundamental element in our homes, and in our lives

il colore nella casa e nella vita

In the vast panorama of design and home furnishings, colors play a leading role, shaping not only the aesthetics of spaces, but also influencing our mood and our daily well-being. For centuries, designers have exploited the psychology of colors to create environments that inspire, relax or stimulate creativity, exploring the ever-changing ways they integrate into […]

Frame moulding finishes, an expression of contemporaneity

finitura aste per cornici imex

“The frame is, for the artwork, a transitional element. At times it is an entrance threshold, at others a boundary, and yet at others a connection.” Mauro Ghidini, founder and president of Imex. In the world of frame mouldings, the production technique is an element of fundamental importance, but no less significant than the conceptual […]