Color, a fundamental element in our homes, and in our lives

il colore nella casa e nella vita

In the vast panorama of design and home furnishings, colors play a leading role, shaping not only the aesthetics of spaces, but also influencing our mood and our daily well-being.

For centuries, designers have exploited the psychology of colors to create environments that inspire, relax or stimulate creativity, exploring the ever-changing ways they integrate into current trends and interior design, transforming our homes into vibrant, personalized settings.

Colors, in fact, are not just pigments on a color palette, but real design tools that shape our home or work environment in a unique and evocative way. And they are vehicles of emotions, closely interconnected with our culture, seasonality, the passing of age.

Colors applied to furniture and design allow us infinite ways of expression, allowing the house and its spaces to evolve with the people who live there, with families that grow, with memories that chase each other. And the most beautiful thing is that they are not static, but can change as our “feeling them as ours” evolves.

The change that starts from color

When the colors of our life and the way we interpret them change, those of our life automatically change too. And it’s nice to be the creators of a change in furnishing style, and it’s even nicer to be able to update the frames that decorate the walls, and thus give a new imprint to the photographs, prints, posters and paintings they embrace, embellishing them.

The customization of spaces as well as the multifunctionality of domestic environments, which in this era of smart working also become offices, together with increasingly smaller sizes which determine an overlap of functions, can also be expressed in wall decoration by daring with color, which is continuous change and evolution.

Customization of frame mouldings with color

Giulia Ghidini Imex
Giulia Ghidini, Production Director

The close collaboration with companies specialized in the paint sector allows us to respond to the needs of individual customers with the production of frame mouldings in many colors, including customized ones.

We have always pursued and proposed frame mouldings in the most disparate and varied shades, and we have always tried to satisfy the needs of our customers by offering customized solutions which we see as a challenge to produce something unique, which fully responds to their needs.

Base Pantone, NCS, RAL or as a starting point a piece of fabric or an object. Matt lacquered colors and their matching variations, the brightest and most irreverent fluorescents, soft pastel colors, the great emotional charge of summer colors or the introspection of cold winter tones. The color scale we offer is wide, with our 150 basic options, customizable according to customer tastes and needs.

Frame mouldings with contemporary finishes

In our portfolio of finishes for frame mouldings, the products in which color has the greatest freedom to express itself are contemporary finishes, where we can include a huge number of spray finishes that include refined, seasonal and fashionable colours, with the possibility of customization with color ranges created ad hoc.

We also have paper and polypropylene coverings available that match the contemporary taste of the world of modern framing, which imitate wooden surfaces, brushed metals or shiny materials, with more than 30 different possibilities.

To find out more in detail about the different production and customization potentials, do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the solution best suited to your needs.